Mosquito Swatters


What is the use of a mosquito swatter?

Mosquito Swatters / bats are used to zap mosquitos and other few smaller flying insects and bugs. It can be used indoors and outdoors effectively. By eliminating the mosquitos around you with a swatter, you can protect yourself from mosquito caused diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya.

How to store your Mosquito Swatter?

Keep your swatter in a place which it is easy to locate and fast to pick-up. Store your swatter in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the swatter close to open flames, this could damage the battery.

How to charge your Mosquito Swatter?

Follow all guidelines mentioned on the product packaging for charging the swatter. Do not keep the swatter switched on before or during charging. Check the time mentioned on the packaging to recharge your swatter accordingly. Try to avoid over-charging your swatter.

How to safely use the mosquito swatter?

Do not use hands to brush of mosquitos from the mosquito swatter mesh. Use a dry, soft brush to clean the mosquitoes off the net. Do not touch the mesh with any conductive material like metal brush/ screw-driver or more. Do not ON the swatter when it is idle, it may cause loss of power. Do not touch the swatter centre portion/ mesh when the swatter in ON. Do not touch the swatter centre portion/ mesh for 10 minutes after the swatter is OFF, to avoid shock. Do not hit the mosquito swatter on a hard surface as it may lead to product failure/ damage. Children must be under adult supervision while using the swatter. Do not dismantle the swatter, this might lead to malfunction.