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At Nippo, we believe that sustainable progress is the key to a thriving ecosystem of businesses, consumers and communities. Every product in our catalogue adds value, isn’t harsh on our planet, and holds up to the Nippo promise.

Our Catalogue



The nation’s go-to batteries, Nippo has been powering moments of magic, entertainment, happiness and more for decades. Every battery we produce adds value to our customers, isn’t harsh on our planet, and holds up to the Nippo promise.



Illuminating households across the nation, one Nippo torch at a time! Our timeless, reliable, and innovative line of both rechargeable and battery-operated torches has long been the light source of choice for Indians, and for good reason.


LED Lighting

Our lighting solutions are smart, efficient and versatile. Brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces with our LED bulbs, battens, lamps and more, and experience the true meaning of living the Nippo life.


Electrical Accessories

Our premium, durable and reliable line of electrical accessories is the perfect companion to your home tech. Protect your priceless gadgets from sudden surges, or high-voltage spikes.


Mosquito Protection

Welcome to Nippo's Mosquito Protection category, your ultimate destination for keeping those disease spreading mosquitoes away. We offer a range of innovative and effective products designed to safeguard your home and family. Explore our collection of mosquito swatters and liquid vaporizers, each crafted to provide you with a mosquito-free environment.