Flex Boxes

Featuring a long chord for easy access, an ergonomic design with adequate space between the sockets, and an LED indicator to show the status of the power supply, our Flex Boxes are perfect for your space with multiple gadgets.


What is a Flexi Cord/Flex Box?

A Flexi Cord/Flex Box is a versatile and adjustable charging cable designed to provide flexibility and convenience when charging and syncing various electronic devices.

Do Flex Box consume electricity even when nothing is plugged in?

Most Flex Boxes consume a small amount of electricity, known as standby power or phantom power, even when nothing is plugged into them. To minimize this energy consumption, consider using a surge protector with an on/off switch.

Can I use a Flex Box outdoors?

Typically, surge protectors and Flex Boxes are designed for indoor use and may not be suitable for outdoor environments. If you need outdoor power protection, look for spike guards specifically labeled as "outdoor" or "weatherproof."

Are Flexi Cords suitable for travel?

Yes, Flexi Cords are convenient for travel due to their compact and adjustable design. You can easily customize the cable length to suit your charging needs while on the go.