Spike Guards

Power up multiple devices with our Spike Guards, which feature in-built surge protection, short-circuit protection, and overload protection to safeguard the circuit from excessive power loads.


What is a spike guard

A spike guard, also known as a surge protector or power strip, is an electrical device designed to protect electronic devices and appliances from voltage spikes, surges, and electrical noise. It provides multiple power outlets and often includes surge protection capabilities.

Are spike guards safe?

Spike guards are designed to absorb voltage surges and fluctuations and keep your devices safe.

Do surge protectors protect against power spikes?

Surge protectors can protect your equipment against power spikes caused by electrical storms and lightning strikes.

Do all spike guards provide surge protection?

Not all spike guards provide surge protection. It's essential to choose a spike guard explicitly labeled as a surge protector if you want surge protection capabilities. Some basic power strips may not include surge protection.All Nippo Brand Spike Guard provide surge protection upto 4KV.

How do I choose the right spike guard for my needs?

Consider the following factors when selecting a spike guard: Number of outlets: Ensure it has enough outlets for your devices. Surge protection rating: Look for a higher KV rating for better protection. Cord length: Choose an appropriate cord length for your setup. Safety features: Check for features like overload protection and childproof sockets.

Do Spike Guards consume electricity even when nothing is plugged in?

Most spike guards consume a small amount of electricity, known as standby power or phantom power, even when nothing is plugged into them. To minimize this energy consumption, consider using a surge protector with an on/off switch.

Can I use a Spike Guards outdoors?

Typically, surge protectors and spike guards are designed for indoor use and may not be suitable for outdoor environments. If you need outdoor power protection, look for spike guards specifically labeled as "outdoor" or "weatherproof."