Battery Operated Torches

Nippo has a wide range of portable lighting solutions, both in the battery-operated and rechargeable segments. Nippo's range of flashlights comes in a variety of colours, wattages, sizes, and price points. They are made with high-quality plastic for durability and ergonomically designed for increased handling comfort. Compact and powerful, our flashlights are a reliable source of portable lighting for all your needs.


What are the uses of a Torch?

At home during power-cuts. For outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and trekking. Can be used during repair work in dark places like garages and plantations. By farmers while on their fields. Security personnel while on duty. Carry in bag/handbag while going outside for safety. Can be used inside vehicles like cars, buses and trucks. For studying during power-cuts. And the uses go on...

How to store your Torch?

Keep your torch in a place which it is easy to locate and fast to pick-up in case of emergencies. Store your torch in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the torch close to open flames, this could damage the battery or torch. Torches can be stored at various points arounds the house/ office/ warehouse and more, in case of sudden power cuts. Avoid keeping your flashlight under direct sunlight.

How to care for your Torch?

Use only the battery type recommended by the manufacturer in the torch. If your torch is not is use for a few months, replace the batteries periodically. Ensure to insert the battery rightly into the torch, wrongly inserted battery might cause damage to the torch. Regularly check the inside of the torch to ensure there is no leakage and damage to the torch. Periodical swapping of batteries helps to prevent leakages inside the torch and keeps it in good condition. Have spare batteries stored close to the torches, incase the batteries in use need to be replaced quickly. Try to avoid inserting batteries from different manufacturers into a multi-cell torch. If not is use, do not leave batteries inside the torch for long. Do not dismantle the torch, this might lead to malfunction.