Rechargeable Torches

Our range of rechargeable torches comes in a variety of models and wattages to suit all your varying needs. With superior and long-lasting rechargeable batteries, our torches are the best choice for handy portable lighting. Nippo's range also includes a headlamp and lantern, which are ideal for outdoor activities. The dual-light torches come with a side light that can double up as a reading lamp for indoor power shortages.


What are the uses of a Torch?

At home during power-cuts. For outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and trekking. Can be used during repair work in dark places like garages and plantations. By farmers while on their fields. Security personnel while on duty. Carry in bag/handbag while going outside for safety. Can be used inside vehicles like cars, buses and trucks. For studying during power-cuts. And the uses go on

How to store your Torch?

Keep your torch in a place which it is easy to locate and fast to pick-up in case of emergencies. Store your torch in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the torch close to open flames, this could damage the battery or torch. Torches can be stored at various points arounds the house/ office/ warehouse and more, in case of sudden power cuts. Avoid keeping your flashlight under direct sunlight. Do not dismantle the torch, this might lead to malfunction.

How to charge your Torch?

Follow all guidelines mentioned on the product packaging for charging the torch. Do not keep the torch switched on before or during charging. Check the time mentioned on the packaging to recharge your torch. Try to avoid over-charging your rechargeable torch.